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Entry #1


2009-01-06 07:16:52 by Everblayde

I miss Flash and animating.. I never really got started before I quit... :(


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2009-03-15 13:50:27

so make more...yeeesh

Everblayde responds:

Mhmm, that sounds like an easy fix. I'll get right on that after college (aka: Life Killer) is over. Ha!


2009-03-29 09:48:02

Don't give up dude, i had the same thing but now i'm animating a great movie. Cheer up, open flash and go animate!!!

Everblayde responds:

Thanks for the words of encouragement dude, I appreciate it -- for what it's worth!


2009-10-20 00:03:19

i have the fla for your last tutorial...

Everblayde responds:

Shweeeeeet!! :)


2016-03-24 07:18:16

Never too late to start.